We are so glad that you're here! We are a Nashville Native real estate group focused on creating a memorable experience filled with dedication, vision, and honor for each of our clients! Every person on this team is a focused individual who fully believes in Tim's core values and strives to serve, not be served. Every team member has a specific role crafted to ensure each and every client has the best experience possible. We are honored to say that we rank monthly within the monthly and yearly Weichert awards! We have been serving the needs of our clients for three years now but live by the motto of "our best days are still ahead."

Together a team of college grads, college sports players, and a whole lot of customer service experience provides a strong basis for putting together necessary plans for each transaction! That background has allowed us to excel in client experiences and satisfaction. The Schmid Group's extreme care and patience throughout the transaction process provides every single client with the comfort of knowing they are taken care of and a top priority at all times.