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Why Choose The Schmid Group

As a team, we know our beliefs are our foundation. We pride ourselves on this fact, and are what has helped us become successful. We live by these, our team structure revolves around these, and most importantly: our clients FEEL these when they work with us. Below are some of the most important values that we live and work by!


We believe this is the number one most important trait we have. Our wants and desires never go above those of our clients. We will do the right thing every time, even if the outcome isn't what we hoped.

Product Over Profit:

We believe our commission does not exceed any real estate transaction step. We believe that if we create a product or experience that is client centric and system based, we will never have to worry about earning the commission.

Attitude = Altitude:

We believe that showing up is half the battle. The other half is being positive, energetic, and grateful. No matter the situation or circumstances, we still show up with a smile, ready to help. We are so appreciative of each of our clients, and being with them is what gives us purpose!


We are a system based group. We believe behind every good team are even better systems. Systems create consistency, transparency, and results!


We believe in family values and being there for one another whenever we are needed. Our friendship does not end at the closing table but merely begins. We not only check in and write to you, we also host many opportunities for all of our families to be entertained and stay connected!


We want to be a place where all of our clients can come for anything in Nashville. As natives, we have experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly and want to share our knowledge with you!

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